The Schurmann Family


Kylee and I go way back to our elementary school days, as Rosie #1 and Rosie #2 in the 5th grade play. She and Jake are both creatives, and it's only natural that PJ and Elliot mirror their free spirits. Watching these two explore the beach made me nostalgic for my own Pacific Northwest childhood. Kylee runs Forest Kinderland, a nature-immersive learning program for youngsters (check it out here), and these two were perfect examples of the kind of exploratory mindset she encourages in students. We found seashells, built with sticks, and even saw some wild bunnies.

They're never particularly interested in sitting still very long for photos, but to be fair, I'm the least interesting thing on the beach. The inquisitiveness of children does lend itself to great candid images though, and getting to chase these two around as they explore truly warms my heart.