Style Guide


Styling yourself for your photographs can be stressful, and understandably so. You're committing to wardrobe choices that will be displayed on the wall for decades. Good news though, I'm here to take some of the guesswork out of styling yourself and your family for your photos.

1. Be Timeless

I know it can be super tempting to rock the latest trend, but it can make your images feel dated very quickly. By avoiding trendy styles and patterns your images will stand the test of time, and the inevitable shift of fashion.


2. Coordinate, Don't Match

Speaking of dated fashion, I don't recommend matching outfits. As photographer, I find that it really takes away from the genuine candidness I strive for in your photos. My goal is to capture your authentic moments and nothing says over-planning like everyone in the same white shirt and blue jeans. You could wear the same color solid, but mix it up by choosing slightly different shades or fabric types.


3. Keep it Natural

When it comes to color choice, avoid overly-bright and fluorescent colors. Turquoise, coral, neons, and other loud colors can cast unflattering light on skin tones in photos. They can make great accent colors, but try not to make them the dominant one. Stick with more natural, earthy tones, and deep colors. Mustard, merlot, navy, plum. These more muted color palettes will keep the focus on smiles rather than clothes. If bold color is ingrained in your soul (trust me, I get it) just remember, all things in moderation.


4. Be Mindful of Patterns

I will never, ever, ever tell you not to wear a pattern. Especially in our lovely state of Washington where flannels reign supreme. It is, however, important to be mindful of dueling or clashing patterns. Pairing different florals or plaids can leave your photos looking busy and chaotic, so if you've got the perfect pattern for you or someone else in your photos to wear, coordinate solids for everyone else to complement it.


5. Location, Location, Location

When planning your outfit, consider the location we've decided on for your photos. Are we going to be surrounded by trees? Are we going to be downtown, or on the waterfront? A little black dress and red lip would feel really out of place in the middle of a field, but would be perfect for an evening downtown.


6. Ladies First

Let's face it, women's fashion is much less standardized than men's. From wildly varying sizing to constantly shifting styles, it can be a lot harder to find a specific look for women. That being said, oftentimes it can be much simpler to find an outfit for the ladies first, and style the men and children in your photos based on that. Oftentimes it's very simple to pick up a men's shirt in a complementing solid color, and kids look cute in just about anything you put them in.