Jannah & Colin


Jannah and Colin got married on October 13th in Seattle, at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, which also happened to be where they met. When Jannah first started attending services there, before she had even met Colin, she knew this was where she wanted to get married. How fortunate that the man she would marry would also be a member of this church. The vaulted ceilings and stained glass made for the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.

Covering a wedding at a church, where the couple are also long-time attendees, is always particularly special. The relationship they have with their officiant and pastor, as well as the overwhelming sense of community within the church family turns what is often a stressful day into something more light-hearted. Children are running around, half-dressed in tiny suits and dresses, while friends and family chase them around, everyone lending a hand to help the day come together.

There is something to be said, also, for how immediately welcoming a church group can make you feel. Immediately upon entering I was greeted with a multi-colored sign, letting everyone know that they will be welcomed and accepted to worship.

Over the course of the preceeding months, Jannah had painstakingly hand-made many of the decor pieces for the day. She even hand-sewed her own veil. Colin honored his heritage with his kilt and family tartan. Her bouquet was sprinkled with thistle, giving it great depth and texture. They were blessed with a beautiful, sunny fall day, and the sun brought in a welcoming warmth through the windows. A church classroom was serving as a bridal suite, which added all the more cheer to the room by way of brightly colored construction paper projects.

The reception was decorated with bursts of yellow, and paper straws and plaid runners alluded to a spring picnic despite the cold outside. Their guests were served from two gourmet hotdog carts, Dante’s Inferno Dogs. To this day I tell my new brides about it because it was one of the most unique (and tasty) reception meals I’ve gotten to sample.

As the day was winding up, family and friends descended upon the church kitchen to wash dishes, despite Jannah’s protestations that she had hired people to come help clean up. It was a perfectly heartwarming illustration of how much Jannah and Colin are loved by their family and community.